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Our Mission

Our Mission

We fulfill our mission in two ways.  First, we want to provide a family focused guide for families planning to visit any of Maine’s State and National Parks. We’ll provide specific details catered toward traveling and camping at these parks with children. Second, is a personal journey. We want to visit each park before our daughter Eloise turns three. She won’t remember these trips, but we will, and it’s something we’d like to experience with her.


Raymond, Danielle and Eloise with special guest appearances by bulldogs Braddock and Baxter. Hopefully some family and friends will join us along the way.


We plan to visit every state park and the one national park in Maine as a family.


There are 32 State Parks and 1 National Park scattered all over the state. Several will be day trips, but we plan to camp at all the ones that allow us to do so.


There really isn’t a set timeline, but the overall goal is to start after Eloise turned 3 months old and we would finish somewhere around her 3rd year.


We both love hiking, camping, canoeing and just spending time outdoors. Several of our favorite memories to date involve these simple things. During Danielle’s pregnancy we spent a lot time talking about what we hoped Eloise would grow to love and enjoy. We both realized that so many of the things we love today, we love them because we were exposed to them during our childhoods. Granted she’s going to be too young to remember, but it’s never too early to start!

We have always been very active, so as new parents we didn’t want to get caught up staying home every weekend, which is easier with a baby. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. So many people take where they live for granted, but we don’t and there’s always more to see.


We have the family, vehicles and gear. We plan to take time off from work for the overnight camping trips. Otherwise many times we will do day trips.